Journals and Blank Books

Merry Meet!  Little Blue here to help with a few things you should know about keeping a journal in the craft.  Typically, every practitioner of Magick has a Book of Shadows which is good to have organized in several sections or books.   Following are some ideas for these books or sections to help organize your Book of Shadows:  
When I began my path 18 years ago, I was instructed to keep five separate journals:     
1.   Book of Shadows for items listed below     
2.  Book of Mirrors for reflections of what I was learning and what it meant to me     
3.  Book of Dreams for when you open "Self" to magick you will dream about many things on many levels     
4.  Book of Spells & Rituals
5.  Book of "Self" Tarot & Rune Readings
    • Tarot Cards        
    • Runes
    • Magickal Alphabets
    • Gods & Goddesses
    • Sabbats & Esbates
    • Astrology
    • Numerology
    • Plants, Herbs & Oils
    • Planets
    • The Moon
    • Crystals, Stones & Pendulums
    • Colors  & Metals

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